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The pulsating heart of Germany and the state capital of the Federal Republic, beautiful and diverse. With more than 3.7 million inhabitants, the city is the most populous and with 892 square kilometers the largest municipality in Germany and the most populous city in Europe. Colorful culture and fashion merge with historic landmarks and artistic extravagance in Berlin. You can enjoy Berlin with all your senses, there is a lot to see, visit and experience here. for example the TV tower, the Victory Column (the Victory Column is in the middle of Berlin. It is over 100 meters high, making it the highest column in all of Europe), the Brandenburg Gate, the Pergamon Museum or the Berlin Wall.

Berlin, located in the historic center of Germany between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, is a modern city with many stories that can be experienced in the different parts of the city. This includes the cultural life and the special nightlife, Berlin is a city with inexhaustible cultures and traditions. It is also a multinational and multicultural city that, like no other, shows the diversity of the new Germany, its progressive spirit and its vision of the democratic community. Berlin is a modern city that can be described with three keywords: "history", "modernity" and "diversity".

In this city full of opportunities, we also focused on the erotic sights. You can be curious:

  • Ice Bar Berlin
    A real classic from the 90s is the Berlin Icebar. Everywhere inside you can find small blocks of ice in different shapes. Once a month there is the motto "Club Icebar" or other special topics such as ICEBOX, ICEPARTY or ICE-360°. The energy behind the ICEBAR Berlin is overwhelming. As you enter, you realize that there is nothing else in the world like the ICEBAR. The special thing is that the entrance fee includes three free tokens that you can exchange for drinks. Of course, if you come with friends, it will be faster. Ice-cold beer, small cocktails or even cold soups - everything is on offer.
  • Kurfürstendamm, or Ku'damm for short, is Berlin's le champs elysees. There is a wide range of restaurants, bars and great cafes. Here shoppers really get their money's worth in luxury boutiques and the KadeWe has everything. Along the street are many historic buildings inspired by big names such as the Imperial Palace, the German Opera, the Schinkel Building and St. Hedwig's Cathedral.
  • Restaurant by Tim Raue.
    Should it be a dinner in a class of its own? No problem. You can get Asian fusion cuisine in Tim Raue's restaurant. Awarded 2 Michelin stars, this restaurant is a MUST-TRY for all gourmets among us.
    PS: in the basement there is a private dining room where you can be all to yourself (also for up to 28 people) and a fantastic sky of lights is intended to remind you of the Hong Kong skyline.
  • Berlin wall
    A historical journey from beauty to horror. While the Berlin Wall formed a crucial link between East and West between 1961 and 1989, it is now much more than just a part of history. Today the Wall is a world-famous symbol of the European Union and freedom. From the original symbol of the Cold War void to a historical landmark that offers visitors from all over the world an inexhaustible meeting place to contemplate history. The Berlin Wall is a symbol of the world. The famous wall was built in 1961 to separate the east side from the west. It connected the two parts of divided Germany until it fell in 1989. Since then it has developed in many different directions until today it is a well-known landmark of history.
  • The Brandenburg Gate is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Berlin. Since 1990 it has not only been Berlin's landmark, but also a memorial to the division of Germany. With its quadriga not visible from the western side, the Brandenburg Gate is a symbol of the separation of East and West.
  • Love Apartment
    Enjoy togetherness in the Love Apartment, comfortably sexy and erotic, this apartment is equipped with everything you need for an erotic evening and maybe want to try one or the other. A whirlpool, heatable water bed and bondage equipment make you want more and leave nothing to be desired.
  • Techno and latex at the Kit Kat Club
    Kit Kat Club is a place for people who love music, leather and techno. A hot insider tip and more than just a club. It's a place for people who aren't afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves, are open-minded and want to live out their wildest fantasies. And it's a place that's too hip for some people. people who don't understand.

Coco's insider tip: Sensual massages in the Spiritual Tantra Lounge

The Spiritual Tantra Lounge Berlin is a converted 100 year old artist studio that offers its visitors a unique, relaxing and erotic oasis. The Spiritual Tantra Lounge in Moabit offers several massage tables with different surfaces on 3000 square meters, some with mattresses on the floor and different seating options. Here the guests are spoiled with oriental cuisine, different smelling oils, wax, salt, herbs, meditative sounds, beautiful oriental decoration and candlelight. What is special is the holistic relaxation, letting the Chi flow again and harmonizing Yin and Yang. Pssst….female and male genitals are also included.