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A cheeky smile and always a cheeky saying ready, that's what you experience in Cologne. In the Rhenish cathedral city, joie de vivre is a law and you can feel it when you meet the people of this city. In addition to the city's landmark, the Cologne Cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece, there is all sorts of things to discover.

The history of Cologne has an impact on today's city. The cathedral, which is also known as the symbol of Cologne, is the largest and most magnificent Gothic building ever built. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996 and is a worthwhile destination for every traveler. In the Middle Ages, Cologne became an important ecclesiastical and an important artistic and educational center. During this time the city walls were built. Today, Cologne is the only German city that is surrounded not only by one, but by many parallel city walls.

Cologne, one of the largest cities in Germany, is located on the banks of the Rhine. The city not only has the Rhine in the hinterland, but also the largest monument zone in the country. The streets of Cologne's old town offer an overall picture of medieval art. There are some of the oldest buildings here, such as B. the Cologne Cathedral and the Roman Villa.

Cologne is the carnival stronghold of Germany, where every year a new carnival is celebrated, such as in the Netherlands and Belgium. Here you will also find the famous cathedral, the basilica "St. Severin", the Hohenzollern fountain, the old bridge.

Let's get to the best places in Cologne:

  • Cologne cathedral
    Of course, the centuries-old Cologne Cathedral is also one of the top sights, the special thing is the shrine of the Three Kings, a relic from the 12th century, so it is worth a visit for every Cologne resident.
  • The Hohenzollern Bridge is one of the most beautiful vantage points in Cologne, which is also adorned with magnificent love locks. They were originally just a patriotic gesture to unite East and West. Today there are over 1 million of these locks and the first locks were fitted around 1880. It became a great tradition where people in love, newlyweds and strangers attach locks and then the key is sunk in the Rhine, what a great gesture isn't it?
  • The old town of Cologne is always worth a visit. Many visitors have come to the city to stroll the streets of the old town and to slow down and enjoy a real Kölsch beer. Depending on what time of year you come, you can either celebrate carnival in the old town or stroll through the Christmas market in December.
    As you walk through the old streets, you can feel the fun-loving energy of millions of Cologne residents who have walked through these streets before. Visitors can experience the history of the old town, the churches, beautiful houses, the famous Cologne Cathedral, which stands on the Heumarkt, and the monument to the Cologne cult figures, such as Tünnes and Schäl, who are known from the puppet theater. Touch the thick nose of the tunnel, it is said to bring good luck.
  • The Cologne Chocolate Museum
    In the city on the Rhine, there is a museum that is all about chocolate. The Cologne Chocolate Museum pays homage to the inexhaustible love of pleasure. Passionate chocolatiers, chocolate pioneers and a 3 meter tall chocolate fountain make this museum a place where you can enjoy chocolate with all your senses. Whether through a guided tour or a visit to the museum cafe, there is something for everyone.
  • The Rhine cable car relaxes Rhine lovers who are looking for a new view or a new location for their vacation. The cable car connects the Rhine metropolis of Cologne with the city of Düsseldorf. Arrived at the holiday destination, take the Rheinbahn and enjoy the beautiful sides of both cities. The Cologne cable car connects the two banks of the Rhine and is the longest cable car in Europe at around 935 meters in length. It was built for the Federal Horticultural Show in 1957 and connects the two banks of the river in Riehl and Deutz near the Zoo Bridge. The cable car ride takes only a few minutes and costs only a small amount of money, depending on the distance.

Coco's insider tip:

If you want to turn night into day, you absolutely have to go to the boathouse. Legendary parties have already been celebrated here and from electronic concerts to themed evenings with food trucks, there is a lot on offer that you shouldn't miss.