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Escort Hamburg


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Hamburg my pearl, welcome to our beautiful city. Kissed by old buildings and embraced by water, the charm of the historic Hanseatic city can hardly be surpassed. With its historic old town, modern HafenCity and its traditional sights such as the Speicherstadtviertel, the Landungsbrücken or the famous harbour, new standards are set for everyone who has decided to visit the city.

In no other place in Germany is there so much historical diversity: Here you can relax, take a walk along the Alster through the city center to the Michel and the Elbphilharmonie, or go to a musical on the other side of the Elbe? Nowhere else can you feel the pulse of the city with all its facets as intensely as in the century-old Hanseatic city. Hamburg is not only Herbertstraße and wicked corners of the Reeperbahn, it is 'The German port city' that combines modernity and history like no other. There is so much to see and do that you won't know where to start. Hamburg has houses more than 600 years old, many historical sights and a history that dates back to the 12th century.

The oldest city in Germany has a lot to offer: from the history of the Hanseatic League to top shops, the St. Pauli Toy Museum or the harbour. If you visit Hamburg, you can not only deal with the big highlights, but also with the smaller things: From the Jewish Girls' School Memorial to the Hanseatic League on the Lohmühlenufer.

Here are our top sights for the Hanseatic city again:

  • Portuguese Quarter
    In the heart of the city is the Portuguese quarter where there is one restaurant next to the other with fantastic tapas, the great old buildings give you a summer feeling like in Lisbon.
  • Speicherstadt
    Visit the historic warehouse district and stroll through the Hafencity and Neustadt between ancient port buildings and luxurious new buildings where old commercial city charm and modernity meet.
  • Elbphilharmonie
    If you like classical music, you cannot avoid a concert in the Elbphilharmonie. You can also stay overnight in this architectural masterpiece and experience the harbor lifestyle directly
  • Blankenese stair district
    On the outskirts of Hamburg with its own flair, Blankenese is a must for a long walk through the stairs district and the Elbe beach. For a real holiday feeling you can take a relaxed stroll and the unique staircase district makes you feel like you are on the south coast.
  • Reeperbahn in St. Pauli
    The heart of Hamburg. You haven't been to Hamburg if you haven't been to the wickedly sweet Reeperbahn and visited the numerous bars, restaurants, clubs and sex shops. Here you can still meet real Kiezjunge and on every corner there is one or the other temptation.

Coco's insider tip: This time we'll take you to a particularly great place or rather an experience. In the middle of the Speicherstadt is the Dialoghaus, where you can dine in complete darkness at the ´´dinner in the dark´´. After the aperitif you not only enjoy fantastic food but also have a real experience and can let your other senses run free.