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Leipzig is a completely underestimated city in the east of the country. Capital of music and secretly the most beautiful chosen city center in the south of today's Saxony with around 500,000 inhabitants. With its 44 districts, it is the fourth largest city in Germany. Leipzig is a very old city with a long history. The city got its name from the Slavic term Lipsk, which means "across the river". For tourism in the city, the most important thing is the trade fair, but the university also attracts

always students in the city. The fair is Europe's largest trade fair for furnishings and textiles.

Johann Sebastian Bach is buried in the late Gothic St. Thomas Church, which is known for the concerts of its St. Thomas Choir. Leipzig University, which is the oldest of the German universities alongside the University of Wittenberg, has more than 25,000 students today.

What does it actually mean that Leipzig is considered the music capital of Germany? With the Gewandhaus Orchestra, the State Opera Orchestra, the German-Russian Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Leipzig Symphony, the Leipzig Chamber Orchestra, the New Leipzig String Quartet, the Leipzig Writers, the Music Academy and other music associations, there are unique opportunities for artists to develop their music.

If you want to get a feel for Leipzig's music history, the "Leipzig Meets" conference is for you. People from the music and culture scene from all over Germany meet here to work together and be together for a while.

The large concert churches include the Konzerthaus, Gewandhaus, Christ Church, Thomas Church, Thomas School and the Bach Society.

But Leipzig is also known for its second iconic instrument: the violin. Here the broadbow violin construction was expanded and exported to England.

Sights for Leipzig

In the Panometer in Leipzig you can get art by the Berlin architect Yadegar Asisi in a huge 360° view. In a converted gasometer

get huge natural landscapes and cityscapes in fantastic scenery.

  • The Leipzig Monument to the Battle of the Nations is one of the largest monuments in all of Europe. It stands on the battlefield of the Battle of the Nations, which took place in October 1813 and saw Prussia, Russia, Austria and Sweden join forces to defeat Napoleon.

The memorial is 91 meters high and consists of a bronze sculpted group of over 600 figures depicting the battle. At the top of the monument there is a vantage point from which you can enjoy an excellent view of Leipzig city center and the surrounding area.

The Gewandhaus zu Leipzig is a concert and event hall in Leipzig. It is located in the city center on Augustusplatz and is home to the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra. The orchestra is one of the world's most renowned symphony orchestras and is one of the oldest orchestras still in existence.

The building itself is an impressive structure. The ceiling painting in the foyer depicts musical scenes from antiquity. The concert hall is also a real highlight. It is one of the largest and acoustically best concert halls in Europe.

  • The Leipzig Panorama Tower is an observation tower in Leipzig, Germany. It is the tallest tower in Leipzig and the second tallest observation tower in Germany. The tower is 100 meters high and offers a breathtaking view over the whole city. There is also a café in the tower where you can relax and enjoy the view.

In the pre-Christmas period, the Leipzig Barfussgäßchen, also known as Drallewatsch, is a popular meeting place for locals and tourists. The Barfussgäßchen is a pedestrian zone that is a lively square in Leipzig due to the many bars and restaurants. In the pre-Christmas period, the Barfussgäßchen is particularly popular to get into the Christmas spirit

Coco's insider tip:

We had already presented the Panorama Tower as one of our sights. A real tip is the restaurant on the 29th floor with really delicious food and also offers a breathtaking view over the city. Psst it's one of the best restaurants in town