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Experience the Swabian state capital, which is not one of the 3rd most beautiful cities in Germany for nothing. Here, the modern city center and nature merge into a remarkable cityscape through the many parks and historical buildings such as the old castle. The automotive city not only convinces with delicious spaetzle and the Porsche Museum, but also has a lot of culture on the box. Over a million people live here. The urban area covers 159 km²; it is about twice the size of the city of Hanover. It is a contemplative, exciting and vibrant attitude to life, which can be felt in every street, in the adjoining alleys, in the squares, on the Neckar and at the castle. In addition to the state capital, the cities of Böblingen, Göppingen, Marbach am Neckar, Plochingen and Sindelfingen also belong to the district of Stuttgart. Stuttgart is the oldest German city and is famous for its industrial and trade fair arches. The city of Stuttgart is home to more than 1.8 million people, most of whom are employed in industry. Stuttgart is internationally known for its automotive industry as well as its beer and coffee group, the Stuttgart Trade Fair, the university and the technology center.

Here are our top sights for Stuttgart again:

  • Visit the Porsche Museum, between the best sports cars and special one-offs, you can look over the shoulders of the mechanics while a vintage car is being repaired.
  • TheNew Castle,, in the center of the city, was Duke Karl Eugen von Gutenberg's idea of ​​a Versailles Castle in Württemberg. The city palace built in the 17th century enchants with its baroque charm and playful facade. Stuttgart Castle is an exciting, surprising and magnificent building of baroque architecture. The history of the castle goes back centuries, but it has always been a place of culture, commerce and even prison. Stuttgart Castle was built in three stages from 1688 to 1705. In the three years from 1688 to 1691, the castle was built in Cadolzburg with a replica of Baroque architecture and transported to Stuttgart.
  • The Stuttgart television tower not only offers a 360° view of the vineyards, the city center and the Black Forest, it is also something special because it is the first television tower ever and the robust design is still the model for many television towers around the world.
  • The Wilhelma is not only a beautifully designed zoo, but also offers a beautiful walk through the rose garden in addition to the tropical house.
  • In the SI Center you get a wide range of great experiences and can be reached quickly from Stuttgart Airport. You can stay in great themed suites and choose between a musical, casino or a visit to the cinema.
  • An absolute must is a visit to the Schwabenquellen, which is one of the most beautiful sauna areas in the city.

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