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+49 174 32 55 820

Couple Escort

Couple companionship at Coco's, is just the right adventure to manifest new experiences in your love life and discover new physical pleasures that you have never felt before.

As a well-rehearsed love couple you have many new ideas to discover something new, let us share your ideas in love life! Ever thought of pleasing a second person in bed or as a spectator?

Does it sound interesting? We think this is an indispensable experience that should definitely be tried. Our escorts are particularly sensitive, in such intimate moments and go completely to your wishes.

What are the best places for this pleasure ? We clearly recommend hotel visits of the noblest category, with an exciting separate hotel bar, to preglow and get to know! ... In the spa area or on trips with great experience tours including erotic benefits. Have we aroused your interest? Then take a look at our models and let your imagination run wild. Our models are waiting for you! Please let us know all your wishes before the date, so that our escorts can prepare perfectly for the experience date!