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Here you will find frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at +49 +173 255 66 76 or by e-mail at

All data and details entrusted to us are treated by us with 100% discretion. In addition, we are subject to the German Data Protection Act.

Seriousness and discretion is a matter of course for us!
Home visits are only possible if you have already booked 2 times within 3 months with the service Coco's Events&Escort, a high class model.

Hotel visits understand themselves that these take place in a, from 4 star hotel.

Before a planned trip, with an escort selected by you, a first date to get to know each other is legitimate and to be observed.

Besides, the confidence as well as the security lies to us in the first place, therefore, the personal data are; Identity card the front and back before every booking by photo or as Pdf. file. In the case of hotel visits, the name, address of the hotel and the room number where the romantic date will take place.
Seduction begins with personal hygiene, so please make sure that you take care of your own personal hygiene.

Drugs on the date? are please to refrain and is also not honored by our escort models! Should it come to such a situation, the models can of course leave. Any costs incurred as well as 30% of the fee are to be paid to the escort!
In order to avoid such situations, we already pay close attention to your wishes and ideas when planning your date, so that we can fulfill them as best as possible. Nevertheless, even with perfect preparation it can happen that you have imagined something else or the sympathy is simply not there. Please always contact us in such a moment, so that we at least get the opportunity to send another escort at short notice and the romantic evening can take place for you as planned.

As an expense allowance, we ask you to our escort 150 € and any travel expenses are to be reimbursed (only in the case if the escort has traveled specially).
Should it happen that something comes up at short notice, you will not incur any costs up to 24 hours before the start of the date. If it is less than 24 hours we charge a fee of 350€ for compensation and if our escort is already on her way to you a lump sum of 500€ will be charged. If the fee is paid in advance we will transfer the money back again
Our escorts are happy to receive any info you can before the upcoming date. Regarding the wishes of the clothes, it may be that the closet of the escort, that does not give and you have to go shopping with her consent, the costs are of you to Übernehmen. It would be more practical if you shop according to your ideas, for the upcoming evening. The dimensions and gift ideas can be found in each sedcard.
No, our escorts deliberately place all planning and handling in the hands of the agency in order to ensure a professional process on both sides. For all questions, please always contact the agency.
So that your rendezvous can begin without loss of time, we ask you to discreetly hand over the fee to our escorts in an envelope immediately upon arrival. Our escorts will take a short moment to count the amount.

If you want to pay cashless you can of course transfer the fee to the agency in advance. In this case, the fee should be in our account before the start of the date.
We at Coco's Events & Escort have made it our business to provide charming ladies, who offer their company for an agreed time, to charming gentlemen. The escort is in the foreground with us. Nevertheless, all our ladies also offer erotic services. Please contact us if you have specific ideas and wishes.
In High Class Escort you will enjoy a great time with sophisticated attractive escorts, dine in the best restaurants of the city and stay overnight in the most beautiful beds and suites in the world. You need a helicopter ride or would like to travel by private jet and prefer to enjoy your time as a couple? Welcome to high class escort.

Do you have any questions or special requests?

Don't hesitate to contact us!

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